About Us

Our Mission Statement

The Rutland 300th Committee is honored to lead the town in a yearlong celebration of Rutland's Tricentennial (1722-2022) that commemorates Rutland's long history, engages all Rutland residents, and celebrates Rutland's enduring, three hundred year tradition of community spirit.

To wit, the Rutland 300th Committee plans, in the year 2022:

To celebrate the strong "localism" - Rutland town spirit - that thrives in our community.

To offer diverse programming that is welcoming and inclusive of all Rutland residents.

To strengthen bonds of family and community with events that bring people together.

To involve local youth, in cooperation with schools, in varied and fun educational opportunities.

To recognize the positive and lasting impact of contributions made by Rutland community members.

To connect the present and past by coordinating, sharing and supporting historical events.

To provide a stage for and spotlight on Rutland art, music and culture, both current and past.

To inform our neighbors near and far of Rutland's history, attractions, and important role as the geographic center of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

To collaborate with, support and encourage all Rutland nonprofits, commissions, committees and town departments in taking advantage of the unique opportunity the Tricentennial offers to educate the public and to share their own history, goals and mission.

The following residents serve on the 300th Anniversary Committee

Sheila Dibb - Chair

Sheila Judkins - Vice Chair

Bonnie Besse

Barbara Campbell

Ben Frost

Sherrie Haber

Megan Rokicki

Jeffrey Stillings

Mark Campbell, ex officio

The committee has no limit on membership - and many hands make light work! If you would like to be an official member, or would simply like to share your ideas, you can contact the committee via email at rutlandma300th@gmail.com, or come to any of our meetings, all open to the public. Currently meeting weekly through the summer at the Wood Studio, Wednesdays 6pm.