Call for Artists

In honor of the Tricentennial anniversary of the geographic center of the Commonwealth, the Town of Rutland 300th Anniversary Committee invites artists to join the celebration by displaying your work(s) as part of a yearlong rotating display of art, both indoor & outdoor, that honors the works of the Town’s most well-known artist, Franklin T. Wood, and that speaks to your personal perspective of the spirit of Rutland across its 300 years.

Multiple indoor spaces will be available, with display size flexibility. All indoor spaces will be weatherproof and secure.

Outdoor installations are both very welcome and very much appreciated. It is anticipated that any outdoor installation will be placed on public property and will be in a highly visible and sheltered location. However, please note that the Town of Rutland/300th Committee is not able to insure work placed in outdoor spaces.

Both new and previously displayed pieces are very welcome, with no limitation on the number of pieces.

All artwork must be display-ready.

Please submit your artwork proposal with the following information:

  • Your name, as you wish it presented, and your contact information.

  • Information about each work submitted, including but not limited to date, size, title, history/inspiration, and whether or not it is for sale.

  • The date range that each work is able to be presented (i.e., a permanent installation vs. work that is available for display between firm dates).

Please submit all art proposals to the Rutland 300th Committee,

Rutland Community Hall, 250 Main Street Rutland MA 01543, or electronically to by September 30, 2021.

Please include “CALL FOR ARTISTS” in your subject line.