Call for Photographs

In honor of the 300th anniversary of the geographic center of the Commonwealth,

the Town of Rutland 300th Anniversary Committee invites

photographers, residents and local historians to submit photographs to be considered for

the commemorative calendar that will be sold by the Rutland 300th Committee.

There is no limit on the number of photographs you may submit for consideration.

Because these photos are being reproduced for sale, we ask that they meet the following requirements:

You must attest that you have copyright of the photograph(s) or that the copyright has expired. (Copyright expires on the last day of the calendar year 70 years after the photographer’s death).

Any photograph of a recognizable person must have a signed release from that person allowing use of their image.

Photographs must have a clear tie to Rutland.

All photographs shall be attributed to the owner, unless the owner specifically asks for anonymity.

Photographs may be submitted in any format.

  • For electronically submitted photos, format preference is .jpeg, scanned to a resolution of a minimum of 300ppi.

  • For print photographs regardless of age: every care and effort will be made to return original historical photographs to the submitter, in the condition in which they were received.

Please include with each photo as much explanation (of the view, for example), historical context, and identification of people as you are able.

Please submit all photos to the Rutland 300th Committee,

Rutland Community Hall, 250 Main Street, Rutland MA 01543, or

electronically to by September 30, 2021.

Please include “CALL FOR PHOTOS” in the subject line.