The combination of architecture, sculpture, landscape, wildlife and poetry makes cemeteries like no other place in the historic environment


Rural Cemetery was established in 1842 and is operated by the Rural Cemetery Association Inc. This lovely cemetery is located on Main Street at the foot of "Pound Hill." Many well-known Rutland names can be seen on the myriad of headstones with epitaphs that tell us something from their lives. May they all rest in peace.


Goose Hill Cemetery is located on Charnock Hill in the area that was called New Boston. This area was populated due to the mills and homes built along the Ware River. Internments began as early as 1812 and continued through the first half of the 20th century.


The West Rutland Cemetery is hidden off Barre Paxton Road very near Long Pond. Burials began in the early 1800's and continue, even now, as family members who own plots return to be buried with their ancestors. The Town of Rutland is now responsible for this cemetery. Old West Rutland names recall a past with only headstones to remind us of families such as Childs, Pierce, Quimby and Taylors.


The Old Burial Ground is five acres and was laid out June 7, 1717 and hundreds of our early residents are buried there. This cemtery, which was built in the center of town near the "old" fire station, was used until the mid 1850's and contains many headstones. Unfortunately weather, neglect and ravages of time have taken their toll on this hallowed and historic ground. The Rutland Historical Society is working to preserve this cemetery.